LLLT Case studies

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Case Studies

EQ is a 48 year old accountant with right shoulder pain

She had pains in her right shoulder area and restricted movement for 5 months. Ultrasound had shown subdeltoid bursitis and rotator cuff tendinopathy.

Over 6 treatments with LLLT her pain improved and localised to a specific area in her shoulder and she was able to reach behind her more easily. Stretches and shoulder exercises were also introduced as she improved, and she returned to full function with minor twinges of pain over this treatment course with the expectation of complete remission of pain.

RM is a 64 year old Disability Support Teacher with ankle pain

She developed pain and swelling on the front of her right ankle joint and into the medial (inner) side 6 months prior, cause unknown. The pain stopped her playing golf but despite resting the pain persisted. There was visible swelling and tenderness over the affected areas and she was diagnosed with a chronic ankle sprain.

Her pain and dysfunction resolved after 4 treatments with Low Level Laser Therapy and she was able to gradually get back to walking the golf links and return to her game.

SK is a 48yr male, IT worker suffering Tennis Elbow

He presented with a 6 month history of right tennis elbow pain, worse with computer use, gripping, twisting movements of wrist etc. Anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen), physiotherapy and wearing a support brace had not given any relief.

After 2 treatments with LLLT his pain had halved on Visual Analogue Pain Scale score from 5 to 2

After 5 treatments he was pain-free and fully functional.

CH is a 44 year old factory production line worker suffering Achilles Tendonitis

He over-stretched his left calf muscle at the gym and felt an instense pain at the base of his calf over the Achilles tendon. He was in severe pain, limping, was off work for a week as he was unable to stand for any period and was unable to drive manual car.

His GP had obtained an ultrasound scan which indicated Achilles Tendonitis. She referred him to Laser Pain Therapy for primary treatment with LLLT

CH received 3 treatments in week 1 with halving of his pain from 8 to 4 on the Visual Analogue Pain Scale

After 3 further treatments he felt a mild tightness without actual pain but was able to return to normal duties

SP is a 70 year old Type 2 diabetic and is overweight with Knee Osteoarthritis

She had been suffering increasing pains in her right knee in which she has known severe osteoarthritis. There was associated weakness in her right leg. Her pain was particularly painful early morning on rising from bed and also when negotiating stairs.

After 8 treatments with LLLT she reported no pain at all. This enabled her to engage in exercise on a stationary cycle and perform step-ups to increase the strength in the supporting muscles of her knee. While she still limps due to known osteoarthritis, she is free of pain.

6 months after LLLT, she had an Orthopaedic assessment and the surgeon deemed her total knee joint replacement is not currently indicated and can wait.

CB 36 year old house-wife with Shin Splints

CB presented with a 2 week history of bilateral shin pain following excessive walking in unsupportive footwear, consistent with a diagnosis of “shin splints”. After 2 treatments on her legs with the Low Level Laser her pain completely disappeared. She was delighted that the treatment was very easy and did not cause any side-effects.

HT 48 year old limousine driver with a Thoracic Back Strain/Scapula Pain

HT presented with a 2 week history of troubling pain in his upper back near the shoulder blade interfering with his activities of daily living. This followed assisting a neighbour with some lifting, The pain and dysfunction resolved after 2 treatments with Low Level Laser therapy.

JS is a 21 year old professional dancer with Acute Hamstring Tendonitis

JS presented the day following a poor landing during a dance audition. He landed in the splits position with his left leg leading, a move he had performed several times before, but on this occasion he felt a searing pain in the left buttock just under the “sitting bone”. He described his severity of pain as 8 on the Visual Analogue Pain Scale.

Clinically JS had sustained a hamstring tendonitis from a single acute overload incident.

After the first treatment with LLLT, JS’s pain score reduced to 2 on the Visual Analogue Pain Scale the following day. He rested from training but continued normal movement and walking. At follow-up 5 days later he barely had any discomfort. A second treatment was offered and JS is now gradually returning to training.

This case highlights the outstanding benefits of and rapid response to Low Level Laser Therapy for acute (new) injury.


LLLT Case Studies presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and may not be representative of the experience of others. These are individual LLLT Case Studies results and results do vary and are not necessarily representative or indicative of future performance or success of all of those who will use our services.

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