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USA Congress Recognises PBM/LLLT

Delighted to share this news: NEW TECHNOLOGIES, TREATMENTS CAN END OPIOID USE “On Oct. 11, Congress held its first ever briefing on ending opioid use through ‘innovative medical technologies for pain management.’ Photobiomodulation (PBM) was the featured technology.” Very pleasing and welcome news for the PBMT community, patients at large and health budgets everywhere! Long

Benefits of Passive Heating – Infrared Sauna Available at Laser Pain Therapy

Many cultures swear by the benefits of a hot bath. But only recently has science begun to understand how passive heating (as opposed to getting hot and sweaty from exercise) improves health. At Loughborough University reasearchers investigated the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control and on energy expended14 men were assigned to


The bad news for back pain sufferers is that analgesics (pain-killers) just don’t work. This is the latest finding from an Australian team who looked at the effectiveness of currently prescribed medicines for treating this common problem. Their study, which examined 35 trials involving more than 6000 people, found that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such

Further Evidence Against Many Orthopaedic Surgical Interventions

A leading Sydney surgeon has confessed to performing surgery that doesn’t work due to patient pressure and widespread adoption of procedures that have become accepted without enough scrutiny. Orthopaedic surgeon Ian Harris who works at Liverpool, St George and Sutherland Hospitals and the University of NSW, said he had performed “surgery that doesn’t work” but

Researchers Pour Cold Water On Ice-Bath Theory for Recovery

Queensland exercise scientists have debunked the idea that ice baths are an effective way to speed up muscle recovery after strength training. They say athletes who immerse themselves in icy cold water are hindering long-term gains in muscle mass and strength and it would be better for them to “warm down” on an exercise bike.

Knee Surgery for Osteoarthritis – More Harm than Good

At Laser Pain Therapy, we have helped patients with knee OA enjoy resolution of, or significant reduction in pain, and restoration of function following a course of LLLT which is prolonged and lasting. Main Points: Trial after trial and “best evidence” has found knee arthroscopy to be ineffective for osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears, and some

Osteoarthritis: paracetamol and ibuprofen under the spotlight

An Australian study in the prestigious BMJ published on 31/3/2015 provides new evidence that paracetamol is no better than placebo for lower back pain and its effect on osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip or knee is too small to be clinically worthwhile, despite being recommended as the first line drug treatment for both conditions. The findings come

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